Offbeat News: Tide Pods, Time Travelers, & More


The “Tide Pod Challenge” is sweeping the Internet and leading to some scary health problems for teens partaking in this craze. During this time of crisis, restaurants are capitalizing on situation by creating Tide Pod inspired food and drinks. In looks only, of course.

A donut shop in Missouri is making Tide Pod donuts and have shared their creation on Facebook. A bar in Brooklyn is serving up Tide Pod shots by adding blue and red colors to their booze.

Others, who have seemingly nothing else important to be doing, have Photoshopped images of Tide Pod limited edition Oreos and Tide Pods with Lays Potato Chips.

The power of social media is not a force to be reckoned with. After a Facebook event was set up by Alison Cyr and Valerie Sanborn of Portland, Maine…dozens congregated dressed up as T.Rex.

The event required participants to show up at Portland’s Monument Square and “dance around” and they did. Sanborn says she got the idea for the event after she bought the costume for herself for only $50. She bought one for her brother, too, ad they did a mock shoot at Portland City Hall claiming the two T. Rexes had eloped.

Word spread of the even like a wild fire and on Saturday at 3pm, dozens of people dressed as the dinosaur danced are Monument Square like no body’s business!

A bizarre new video has surface of a man claiming to be a time traveler who has seen the year 6000. He says he’s got the secret technologies being used and claim human brains will be uploaded onto a computer so they can live forever.

In a video, which sees the man’s face is blurred and voice is distorted, he claims to have been a part of a secret program in the 1990’s that sent people forward in time. He even took a “distorted photo” of an unnamed city, which he claims “became distorted” from the travel back to present time (convenient).

At one point, our traveler gets choked up about having to leave a close friend behind in the future – he also says he knows people won’t believe his story and he doesn’t blame them. It’s not his “intention to deceive,” but claims we will have technology to time travel by 2028. Lay off the drugs dude… You can check out the video on the Bob’s Morning Brew facebook page.

Philadelphia “Crisco cops” greased light poles throughout the city before yesterday’s NFC Championship. They were hoping to prevent Philly’s faithful fans from climbing them by making them slippery. The fans are known to get pretty wild and the city took preventive measures so drunk fans couldn’t get injured.


  • A drunk driver in Maine was also accused of punching himself in the face three times to avoid a sobriety test. Brian Fogg was found in his car, stuck in a ditch, and police tried to test for his blood-alcohol level. Fogg ended up punching himself in the face, causing him to bleed, but police later charged him for operating under the influence anyway. After getting treatment for his injuries, Fogg was charged with falsifying physical evidence with the blows, and criminal mischief. He’s since been released on bail.
  • Don’t mess with a man and his cheesecake. Police in Moundville were called to a residence where two men – brothers – were allegedly fighting over the size of a cheesecake slice and it grew violent. “Fun” began when the older unnamed brother supposedly punched his younger brother in the face and busted his lip because his slice wasn’t big enough. The younger called the cops to the scene after feeling threatened by his brother – and when they arrived, The oldest brother, still holding the knife even asked police “if the slice looked big enough for a grown man.” No word on the flavor of cheesecake at issue.
  • Police in Bristol, England have arrested a man scamming people out of money by claiming his wife is in labor. The man was spotted approaching businesses and homes for money for a taxi, after he told them his wife’s water broke and they needed to get to a hospital. The arrest was made after a homeowner called the police after realizing he had approached other homes. Next time, try showing up with a pregnant lady. It may be more convincing.

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