Offbeat News: Lotto Dreaming, Stupid Criminals, & More

“Dreaming in Delaware”

James Woolbert followed his dreams, literally, and it led him to $10-thousand. The 52-year-old claims he had a dream that he had won the lottery, so the next day he went out and bought a scratch-off ticket in Sussex County, Delaware.

He scratched the card in store and discovered he’d won $10-thousand. While Woolbert has been buying scratch-offs for 10-years, this is his largest prize to date.

“The first person I told was my wife,” Woolbert adds. “We plan on using the winnings to pay off Christmas and save the rest.”

“Lost, Then Found”

Winston the Cat has been lost for 15 years. The feline left his Carlyon Bay, England home back in 2002 and understandably, over time the family gave up on seeing their cat again. Then, around the holidays, owner Jan Barnes got a call from a vet.

Thanks to Winston’s microchip, animal control was able to reconnect the pet and his original family. After paying some costly medical bills to get him back and in good health, Jan says she’s happy to have Winston home. “He flops in the hallway and in the conservatory, he’s quite happy,” she adds. “It was a massive shock, I really didn’t think I would ever see him again.”

“Party of One”

Beth VerSteeg was headed to Washington D.C. when her original flight from Rochester, NY was cancelled. Seems likely for this time of year when flying, but in case you missed it, Versteeg ended up getting pretty lucky.

When her flight was originally cancelled, the passengers were accidentally moved to the “crew only” flight. The airline quickly realized its mistake, contacted the affected people and put them on an earlier flight. However, VerSteeg made her way back to her parents’ house to wait until the later flight and missed the announcement.

VerSteeg said she only realized something was wrong when she noticed she was the only one in the gate waiting area. An airline agent questioned her about taking the flight before stating, “I knew this would happen.” VerSteeg took the flight as the sole passenger and got the picture to prove it-She shared the selfie full of empty cabin seats. Maybe the craziest part? The staff still went through safety demonstrations!


  • A man in a Chinese police station was caught on camera yelling at guards after he got his head stuck between cell bars. Then, also on camera, we see the man start crying.
  • A high school near Phoenix had to be put on lockdown for several hours as authorities rescued a mother bobcat and her three cubs from a drainage pipe on campus.


The Office Meets Bad Boys

It would’ve made a great spin-off from “The Office” if Jim and Dwight had teamed up for a life of crime.

The police in Huntington, West Virginia arrested two guys on Friday for a string of robberies at restaurants and gas stations around town.

And the guys look like John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson . . . who played Jim and Dwight on “The Office”.

31-year-old Justin Albert is one of the guys, and he looks like Jim, at least based on the hair. But 39-year-old Kenneth Dean Jr. is the other, and he’s a DEAD RINGER for Dwight.

They’re both facing armed robbery charges. You can check out the photos and judge for yourself at the Bob’s Morning Brew Facebook page.

“Catering & Cannabis”

Police in New York City put out a fire at a restaurant and while there, stumbled upon a serious marijuana grow house. All in all, cops found bout 400 cannabis plants worth an estimated street value of $26-thousand. No one was home at the time and no arrests have been made, but whoever was running the operation was no slouch. The grow house was equipped with surveillance cameras, fans and specialized lights.

“Brawling Over Fútbol”

Apparently the inmates at the prison in Lanarkshire, England take their sports and their TV very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that a full on brawl broke out when the men couldn’t decide whether to watch the St Mirren-Dundee United Scottish Championship soccer game or the quarter-finals of the World Darts Championships. A group of six guards were attacked and while none needed to be hospitalized, the prisoners are looking at very serious internal sanctions.

“FedEx Fix”

FedEx has, indirectly, led to a man’s arrest. An unidentified Washington D.C. man was picked up by police after he tried to pick up 9.4-pounds of marijuana, after it was delivered to the wrong address. Somehow, police got wind of the contents of the package and intercepted the hand over. The man has been arrested for possession with intent to sell.

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