Offbeat News for 06-30-17

Woman Gives Birth To A 16-Pound Baby
Just days after a woman in North Carolina gave birth to a 14-pound baby, we’re hearing about Waylon Cole Hallett’s super-sized entrance last month. On May 1st, Waylon was born in Seymour, Indiana and weighed a whopping 16-pounds.
Waylon’s mom says at her last ultrasound, doctors warned her Waylon was going to weigh around 12-pounds at birth.  The baby boy is now seven-weeks old and weighs in 17-pounds, seven ounces…the size of an average six-month-old.
You Can Buy A Bikini Made Of Pizza
Got plenty of expendable cash and don’t mind oil dripping down your down leg? You’re in luck. New York City pizzeria Villa Italian Kitchen is offering to make you a custom bikini made with, you guessed it, pizza.
It won’t come cheap though. Your custom bathing suit will set you back $10-grand. That price tag comes with an initial consultation and measurement session, topping preference, a final fitting, and the suit itself.
Villa Italian Kitchen came up with the idea in celebration of National Bikini Day, which turns out to be July 5th. If you want your pizza-kini, you’ll have to place your order then.
Guy calls in bomb threat from police station pay phone:
If you’re going to call in a bomb threat to a police station, at least get some distance. Michael Prince Myers didn’t even bother to leave the precinct before using the pay phone in the lobby to let the Muskogee Police Department in Oklahoma know he “placed a bomb at the police station” and that he was “a terrorist and wanted to turn himself in.” Authorities had no problem charging the 22-year-old with making the threat and keeping him behind bars.
Man gets in trouble for keeping wild deer in his house:
It seems crazy we have to say this, but it’s not okay to keep wild deer as pets. A man in Jamestown, New York found that out when a neighbor complained that the unnamed man has been harboring a wild animal. The homeowner explained to the cops he thought it was a-okay to keep the whitetail deer fawn in his house for up to six weeks before he had to release it. Officers explained that is not the case and issued the resident a ticket for illegal possession of protected wildlife. Fortunately, the deer is in good health and was released back to the wild.
Woman who was not supposed to be driving backs her car into a lake, does other dumb things:
Elizabeth Bergquist is a piece of work. The 24-year-old from Colorado had her license revoked back in 2014 after a DUI. This week, she accidentally backed her car into a lake, stole a hotel shuttle and crashed it. Oh, and she had marijuana on her at the time. Maybe the craziest part? She was actually sober during the whole incident. At no point did she report any of the accidents because she was “embarrassed and didn’t want to get in trouble.” Obviously, she did get in trouble and is now facing felony aggravated motor vehicle theft and plenty of misdemeanors including false reporting to authorities, driving with a revoked license, trespassing, two counts of failure to report an accident and two counts of striking another vehicle or property.

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