Bob Seger’s Catalog Finally Available for Streaming and Download

Bob Seger has finally joined the digital age of music. After years of holding out, Seger’s catalog has hit streaming and downloading service.

The announcement comes largely from the demand from fans, as well as streaming services who say that Seger was the No.1 most asked about artist who was not available. Twelve of his albums have now been added to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iHeartMedia, Slacker and Napster.

The albums now available are Beautiful Loser, Night Moves, Live Bullet, Nine Tonight, Stranger in Town, Against the Wind, The Distance, Like a Rock, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, The Fire Inside, Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits 2 and Ultimate Hits.

Seger has been very vocal about the comparatively low royalty payments from all forms of digital music and also disapproved of separating songs from albums. As of this writing, Seger nor his people have commented on the huge move.

Though there are multiple albums that remain unavailable, this is seen as an initial rollout, with more releases to come in the future.

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