Offbeat News for 06-13-17

You Can Buy A $215K Dog House
Love your pooch and have a lot of expendable income? Hecate Verona is here for you. In case you missed it, the British company creates luxurious dog houses that will cost you between $38-and-215-thousand a pop.
Each of the “dog manors” come with a living room and bedroom and are built with aluminum, wood, and marble.
“The customers we have worked with typically have their dogs living indoors, but we see the dog manors as a way of providing their pets the comforts of indoor living while making the experience of being outside more enjoyable,” the company explains. “It leads to the dog enjoying being outdoors even more and staying more active, which is highly recommended by vets.”
“Hunger Games” Helps Save A Life
Megan Gething is the type of person you want around in an emergency, and she’s only 12. She was one of a group of girls playing in marsh Gloucester, Massachusetts when her friend Mackenzie George slipped and sliced open her leg on a steel pump, leaving a 10-inch long, 3-inch wide gash. Megan knew she had to create a tourniquet thanks to “The Hunger Games.”
“I knew it from a book I read,” Megan explains. “I figured it was a well-known method of stopping bleeding.” She used a pair of her friend’s shorts to apply pressure while another of the girls, Zoe Tallgrass ran for help.  Eventually, Zoe’s father and brother came and carried Mackenzie back to their house and called for help.
Luckily, Mackenzie has suffered no nerve damage and is expected to make a full recovery.
Woman Gets Rescued From A River, Then Immediately Arrested
Things went from bad to worse for Kimberly Hayford. The 37-year-old and a man were stranded on a rock in the middle of Maine’s Saco River after their inflatable raft was punctured.
Firefighters were called to rescue and were able to get the duo back to shore. That’s when, after a routine check of IDs, authorities discovered Hayford had an outstanding warrant.
It turns out she didn’t pay a $720 fine related to a conviction for operating under the influence. Hayford was arrested on the spot.
Family gets into a brawl at Waffle House:
The Shivers family is not exactly classy. Five female relatives were arrested after they got into an early morning brawl at….Waffle House. It’s unclear what caused the Mannheim Township, Pennsylvania fight, but video of the incident shows there was hair pulling utensil, chucking, and more. All five women, ranging in age from 25 to 56, are facing a disorderly conduct.
Woman calls 911 over her chicken nugget wait:
Police in Waco, Texas had an usual call on their hands when a McDonald’s employee called 911 over a customer refusing to leave the drive-thru. Why? She wanted her food for free after she was made to wait too long for her chicken nuggets. What’s more, the unidentified woman also called 911, but she just wanted to complain about her wait and get some free food. Authorities responded and gave the hangry customer her money back…but no nuggets.
FBI searching for Dollar Store Bandit:
The FBI is on the hunt for someone who doesn’t believe in going big or going home. An unidentified man is in the midst of a rash of Dollar Tree store robberies. So far, he’s hit nine stores across the country, earning himself the nickname the Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit. No word on how much money he’s made off with, but he allegedly forces employees into back room with a weapon after getting them to empty the registers and the safe. They say he then takes their cell phones so they can’t call the cops. So he may look like a nice grandpa, but he’s one creepy jerk.

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