Offbeat News for 06-12-17

Bobcat Traps Mom and Children In Bathroom
A mother and her two children had to lock themselves inside their bathroom after a bobcat entered their home, unannounced. The mom thought fast enough to bring her cellphone with her and was able to call police.
When they arrived at the scene, officials discovered the bobcat roaming around on the first floor of the home and attempted to coax it out by opening exterior doors and a kitchen window. After about an hour, the wild kitty got bored of its residential surroundings and took off through a kitchen window into the nearby woods. The family was then freed.
In the end, all was well – other than jittery nerves, no damage was done to the property or the people.
Coast Guard Rescues Man in Homemade Duct-Taped Boat
The U.S. Coast Guard in Juneau, Alaska, were called to rescue a man whose homemade, duct-taped water craft was sinking. The not-so-innovative sailor was in route to Point Bishop in an inflatable boat when the problem arose. Thankfully, the man and his dog were rescued and transported to safety.
“I noticed the craft in the channel and I could tell the man was not wearing a life jacket and the craft was not safe,” says Lt. Joseph Schlosser. “I contacted the sector command center and the Station’s smallboat crew responded quickly and helped the man to safety.”
Geese Dump On Disneyland Guests…Literally!
Picture it: you’re at the “happiest place on earth,” at Disneyland, on Main Street near the Sleeping Beauty Castle, your just about to take a bite of that $26.12 candy apple you’ve been saving for just the right moment, and poop starts to rain down from the sky.
That’s exactly what happened (well, maybe not exactly) to a group of 17 Disneyland visitors when a flock of geese let go in flight. According to Anaheim police and fire officials, they were called after a report came in that feces had been thrown on theme park visitors.
A hazardous materials team was sent in and it was quickly determined the geese were to blame. Authorities took the poop-smeared visitors to a private restroom to clean up, where they were given clean clothes.
Man calls police after a woman slaps him – after he slapped her first:
An assault charge has been filed against a man who called police after a woman struck him back after he struck her. Apparently, officers were called to an apartment building by a woman to report she’d been assaulted her in the elevator. While they were speaking to her, police received a call from the man at the same location, who wanted to report a woman for assaulting him. The investigation showed the victim only struck the man after he assaulted her and followed her. The man was promptly arrested and spent the night in police custody.
Wanna-be criminal fails miserably at bank / store robbery, car jacking:
Mark Patrick Mangan of Lucerne Valley takes the award for failing at life and at crime. Mangan reportedly tried to jack a local bank, a store, and then steal a vehicle – and all went terribly wrong. He started his would-be crime spree by attempting to rob a bank, then a nearby Dollar Tree store before trying to steal a woman’s vehicle, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials. Deputies responded to a report of an attempted robbery at the bank and Dollar Tree. With his efforts totally failed, because no one would give him money at either location, Mangan then got into the passenger side of a woman’s vehicle and demanded the car. When the victim refused, the thrice-denied criminal got out of the car and ran on foot, and was subsequently arrested. He remains in custody in lieu of $125,000 bail.
An 18-year-old guy named Micah Musser was arrested last week in Louisville, Kentucky for trespassing and drinking in an abandoned building with some friends.
Normally a super boring crime like that wouldn’t get our attention . . . but Micah’s mugshot did.  Because his ENTIRE neck is covered in hickeys.
It’s not clear who gave him the hickeys.
He’s been charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful transaction with a minor, since some of the people he was drinking with were under 18.
Woman calls police because her nuggets are taking too long:

A Texas woman was “mad her nuggets didn’t get cooked quick enough”, so she did what any chicken nugget lover would do in a time crunch: she called the cops. Two officers shoed up to a fast-food drive-through, where the woman complained her nuggets didn’t come out fast enough enough and wanted to “get them for free.” Management worked with the women, gave her money back, and according to Sgt. Patrick Swanton, she was not arrested but asked to “move along.” Nugget-less.

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