KISS Releases A Line of Phone Covers and Wallpapers

KISS always seems to have their logo on any product that will allow it, and now you can add cell phones to the list.

The group has launched a line of covers and wallpapers for Google’s Pixel and Nexus phones. Collaborating with Sophie Simmons, daughter of KISS icon Gene Simmons, the band created a total of 12 designs that “re-imagine the band’s unparalleled visual history for the digital age and bring the Kiss Experience to the palm of your hand.”

Each cover comes with live wallpapers that were captured by Sophie and Nick Simmons on the recent European tour.

Sophie says: “Growing up, we saw Kiss as pop culture figures. It wasn’t so much the music for my generation, but the visual impact is unparalleled in music.”

Gene Simmons adds: “I love the idea that the Live Cases are going to enhance the experience of being a fan. Especially, making it more personalized. And that part is the most important thing for me.”

The Live Case Artworks are now available via Google,

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