Offbeat News for 06-06-17

There’s A Naked Yogi On The Loose In Colorado
Police in Aurora, Colorado have a strange caper on their hands. After receiving a call about a man doing yoga naked near a strip mall, authorities responded and didn’t see him. Instead, they found an abandoned pile of clothes, which have now been taken in as evidence. As the cop put it, “I was unable to locate anyone in the area clothed or otherwise.”
If and when the naked yogi is captured, he’ll face an indecent exposure charge.
Man Jumps Into Moving Car After Driver Suffers Seizure
Need a pick me up? Just remember that Randy Tompkins is in the world. The 39-year-old is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a driver who had a seizure while behind the wheel.
Tompkins was driving his truck in Dixon, Illinois when he saw a car going in the wrong direction and noticed the driver was having a seizure. Tompkins stopped his truck, dove into the other slowly moving car through an open window, and put two fingers into the convulsing driver’s mouth to prevent him from swallowing his tongue.
Police happened to be nearby and caught the entire incident on camera. The name of the driver hasn’t been released, but they were taken to the hospital as a precaution.
Man with tattoos covering his face arrested in a stolen car:
Robert Hardister is only 25, but he’s already made a lifetime of stupid decisions. The Florida man was arrested after he told police the stolen car he was sitting in was given to him as payment for meth. Not bad enough? Hardister also has tattoos covering just about his entire face. Check out his mugshot on Bob’s Morning Brew Facebook page.
A drunk guy runs man off the road, then crashes himself:
What goes around comes around, at least for John Hill. The 26-year-old from Atoka County, Oklahoma swerved into the side of Jerry Lee Vinson Jr.’s car, forcing it off the road. Soon after, Hill’s car went off the road and hit a fence. While no one was seriously injured, it turns out Hill was under the influence. There’s no word on why Hill ran Vinson off the road.
McChicken sandwich leads to brawl:
A woman in Des Moines, Iowa took being hangry to a new level. The unidentified McDonald’s customer ended up getting into a violent brawl with her cashier because her McChicken sandwich was taking too long. The Micky D’s employee gives her her food, but the customer wasn’t having it and chucked the sandwich back at the employee. There was hair pulling, some dragging by the hair, and some kneeing to the chest. Police are still trying to investigate the customer.

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