Offbeat News for 05-25-17

Bride With No Female Friends Has All Male Bridesmaids
Rebeca Abrantes was preparing to walk down the aisle when she realized she didn’t have any female friends to stand up for her as bridesmaids. So the 24-year-old engineering student got creative and chose five male classmates for her bridal party.
Abrantes wanted to keep things traditional and assembled a “bachelorette” party complete with all the fixin’s. The guys wore pink, short robes, and the bride was seen online with her hair pinned up in curlers as the group sported cucumber slices over their eyes.
With 56 guys at her school and only four girls, Rebeca says “it’s not like I had a lot of choices.”
Man Sues Hershey’s For Under-Filling Their Boxes
One Missouri man took notice that his box of Hershey’s Whoppers didn’t have as much candy as it should. So her took matters into his own chocolatey hands and called a lawyer.
A federal lawsuit filed by Robert Bratton makes the claim that the candy company is shorting folks on their boxes, with Reese’s Pieces boxes being skimmed by 29% and Whoppers boxes by 41%.
“Slack fill,”  as it’s called, is the empty space in packaging that sometimes serves a purpose, like potato chips during transport and displays. Hersehy’s lawyers say, “consumers are well aware of the fact that substantially all commercial packaging contains some empty space.”
Bratton, however, isn’t backing down. He says the large amount of space was “an ascertainable loss” because “the actual value of the Products as purchased was less than the value of the Products as represented.”
The case is ongoing.
Tattooed ‘joker’ arrested for pointing loaded gun at passing cars:
Nowadays we all know that messing around with a fake gun can cost you your life. A Florida man with and green hair and facial tattoos to match Joker from The Dark Knight was arrested by cops who said he was pointing a very real loaded handgun at vehicles when they drove by him. The joker, named Lawrence Patrick Sullivan, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. He did not enter a plea.
Cops catch pigeon with backpack of drugs:
Local authorities in Kuwait captured a pigeon in an airport who was wearing a suspicious backpack that contained 178 pills. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what kind of pills the bird was packing at first, but tests revealed that it was ecstasy. If this sounds strange, it’s not the first time a pigeon has been nabbed for narcotics smuggling. In 2015, Costa Rican prison guards caught a bird flying cocaine and weed into the slammer.
Man is arrested for pummeling his brother in the face with a painting:
Ever been so mad at someone that the only thing you could reach to smack them with was a painting off a wall? That’s exactly what happened to a man in Florida who was cuffed for whacking his brother in the face with a framed painting in the home the share. The two were apparently having argument over dirty dishes when the man’s brother, named Larry Sloan, shoved him against the wall. That’s when the victim responded by delivering a framed painting to Sloan’s face. The two have decided they should live apart.

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