Offbeat News for 05-24-17

Animal Cruelty May Be Behind An Island With Roaming Flamingos
Renaissance Island seems like a paradise…at least on Instagram. The private Aruba island, owned by Renaissance Resort And Casino, features what looks to be wild flamingos mingling with hotel guests.
For some of those guests, however, the birds are more victims of abuse than majestic locals. Rumors have begun to swirl that the birds have had their wings clipped and are thus prevented from migrating.
So far, no one at Renaissance Resort And Casino has commented on the abuse claims.
Man Drives Six Miles After Being Shot In The Head With An Arrow
Raymond Van Holson needed a fight with Kenneth Miesen like he needed an arrow in the head…and that’s exactly what he got. The details are vague, but 42-year-old Miesen ended up shooting 41-year-old Holson with a bow and arrow-landing one in his victim’s head.
What’s more, Holson managed to not only walk out of Miesen’s house, but also get in his car and drive six miles. Eventually, the victim was flown to a nearby hospital in “good condition.”
Here’s some advice that’s going to make your love life WAY better . . . and it’s so much easier than the old standards like “maybe take a pottery class, I’m sure you’ll meet other single people there.”
A new survey figured out what first date activity is the most likely to lead to a relationship.  And the answer is . . . going out for BLOODY MARYS and FRIED CHICKEN.
That sounds like a much more entertaining first date than the survey’s results for the second- and third-most effective options: ¬†Having coffee or eating vegan food.
The survey also found the WORST thing to drink on a first date is tequila shots . . . and the worst food to eat is pancakes.
Man mocks, assaults disabled man:
Barry Robert Baker Jr. isn’t just stupid, he’s also a very bad person. The 29-year-old was standing outside of a West Chester, Pennsylvania 7-Eleven when a 22-year-old man with cerebral palsy drove up to the store. Not only did Baker mock the way the disabled man walked, he also sucker punched the victim. The attack was caught on security camera, which means Baker has no chance against the simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct charges he’s facing.
Woman causes $350K in damage at ex-husband’s home:
Don’t mess with Ana Rockman. The 61-year-old is facing serious charges after she broke into her ex-husband’s house and caused a whopping $350,000 in damage to artwork, antiques and other personal property. It’s unclear what exactly caused the fury, but Ana has posted bail and is awaiting trial.

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