Lost Genesis Tracks Featured on New Compilation

Genesis has released new music… kind of.

A new album, Genesis: 50 Years Ago, has been released. The album is full of recently discovered Genesis tracks from the 1960’s. The master tapes were recently found in an old warehouse and sent to Jonathan King, discovered and named the band. The tapes had seemingly been cast aside following the sale of London’s Regent Sound Studios in the 1970’s.

Along with producer Steve Levine, King remixed the tracks.

King says: “The multis were in an old warehouse and had been, with hundreds of others, since the two Regent Sound Studios had been bought and all the tapes stored away in the 60s or 70s.”

King also discussed how he felt listening to the master tapes. “With delight, we listened to the numerous tapes and takes. I could not believe how fantastic Peter Gabriel’s voice was – the reason I signed the group in the first place. And the songs are really great too. I think it is a tremendous album.”

50 Years Ago is now available to purchase. Check out the tracklist below.

Genesis: 50 Years Ago tracklist
In Hiding (Vocals)
One Day (New Stereo Mix)
A Winter’s Tale (multiple mono takes with studio chatter)
A Place to Call My Own (Vocals)
The Silent Sun (mono mix)
In Hiding (New Stereo Mix)
On the Trail Of The One Eyed Hound (New Stereo Mix)
Where The Sour Turns to Sweet (mono mix)
A Place To Call My Own (New Mix)
One Day (mono mix)
In Limbo (mono mix)
Am I Very Wrong? (mono mix)
The Serpent (mono mix)
The Serpent (Vocals) (3:57)
The Silent Sun (Alternate New Mix – mono w/o strings)
The Conqueror (mono mix)
Image Blown Out (alternate demo version)
That’s Me (mono mix)
In The Wilderness (mono mix)
The Window (mono mix)
In the Beginning (New Mix)
Fireside Song (New Mix)
Where the Sour Turns to Sweet (New Mix – w/o strings)

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