Offbeat News for 05-03-17

A 17-Foot-Long Snake Is On The Loose
The residents of Meadow Lakes, Alaska are understandably a bit concerned. A 17-foot-long pet python has somehow gone missing.
The serpent’s owner has gone door-to-door warning neighbors that the bright-yellow and white animal is on the loose. Officials recommend small pets be brought inside while the hunt is on for the snake.
In mildly calming news, pythons are not venomous. Instead, the snakes kill their prey by constriction. It’s worth noting that this particular python weighs a hundred pounds…
Japan Offering $10K Luxury Train Ticket
Got some serious expendable income and want to ride in style? Head to Japan. A railway company has launched Train Suite Shiki-shima, which boasts sky views, bathtubs and dark wood interiors…and a $10-thousand price tag.
The train takes passengers on a four-day trip during which they can enjoy glass ceilings and walls built into two observatory coaches at the front and rear of the train.
Thing is? Even if you have the cash, you’ll have to wait a minute to get that luxe ride. The 10-car train is fully booked until March 2018.
A Guy Rescues a Woman Who Fell Onto the Train Tracks . . . and Someone Stole His Backpack
See, this is why you never do anything for anyone.
A 34-year-old guy named Anil Vennavalli was at a train station in Edison, New Jersey last Friday morning when one of his female coworkers FAINTED and fell off the platform onto the tracks.
Anil immediately dropped his backpack and jumped down to help her.  Two other people also jumped down, and the three of them pulled the woman to safety JUST before a train arrived.
And what was Anil’s reward for his heroism?  While he was down on the tracks, someone STOLE his backpack.
He says it had his $700 computer, $200 cash, and his headphones inside.  The cops are trying to track down the thief.
As for the woman, she said she fainted because she hadn’t had time to eat breakfast that morning.  She wound up with a fractured knee and a broken ankle.
911 dispatcher heard snoring on the job gets suspended:
Being a 911 dispatcher is a draining job, but that doesn’t mean you can take a nap mid-shift. Jasmin Thomas was caught sleeping on the job after she was heard snoring after picking up a call. What’s more, this isn’t the first time she was in hot water for catching some z’s. Fortunately for her, and maybe unfortunately for the people of Cleveland, she was only suspended for six days and was able to keep her job.
Man steals woman’s gaming consoles at gunpoint after sleeping together:
Kareem Mutcherson is the worst kind of person you could meet on an online dating site: a criminal. The 23-year-old from Florida slept with a woman he met on Plenty of Fish only to later return to her house, hold all the occupants at gunpoint, and steal stole several gaming consoles. What’s more, Mutcherson has a history with the victim’s family. Think this crook can’t get any more scummy? Not only did he pistol whip the victim’s 68-year-old dad, but it turns out he had a child waiting in his getaway car. For what it’s worth, Mutcherson claims the victim gave him those gaming consoles as gifts. Police aren’t buying it and charged him with robbery with a firearm and aggravated battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

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