Offbeat News for 05-02-17

Cops Deliver Pizza After Delivery Crash
In case you missed it, police in Germany understand the importance of a pizza. After responding to the site of a car crash involving a pizza delivery man on the job, they ended up getting the pie to its final destination.
The 46-year-old driver and the driver of the other car involved in the accident both needed to go to the hospital, so the cops brought the “shaken but still edible” to the hungry customers. No word on if they were given a tip.
Now You Can Wear Ikea’s Blue Bag As A Hat
If you live anywhere near an Ikea, you’ve seen their iconic blue bag. Now, a pair of companies have turned the reusable bag into a line of hats.
Each cap will run you $38, while the bag itself will only cost you 99-cents. The producers of the clothing item promise it will be available soon. This comes after luxury designer Balenciaga unveiled a $2,145 version of the bag. Which, again, costs less than a dollar per bag.
Public opinion of the hat is much more positive than Balenciaga’s bag. Instagram users are saying they “need” the hat and would definitely “rock” it.
Family Has To Leave Their House For Days After Bringing Home Deadly Bananas
Next time you buy bananas at the grocery store, look very, very closely at them. But be warned, if you’re as unlucky as Gemma Price, you’re going to have to evacuate your home for days.
The woman from Ireland had a close call with deadly Brazilian Wandering Spiders that had gotten into her house thanks to recently bought bananas. “As I peeled the banana a white egg sac, which I hadn’t noticed before, broke and hundreds of little spiders were crawling on my hands and arms and down my pajamas,” Price remembers. “I threw the banana down on the bed and they spread everywhere.”
She grabbed her seven-month-old son and booked it out of there. It took three days for a specialist to come in and kill all the deadly arachnids.
Woman blames her stepdaughter for drug paraphernalia and more:
Trudy Kay Richardson can’t take responsibility for her actions. Fortunately for her, she has a stepdaughter she can blame everything on. The 55-year-old’s stepdaughter was driving at the time they were pulled over and police spotted a marijuana pipe in Richardson’s lap. Naturally, even after the cops saw it, she ignored their warnings to hand it over and instead put it inside of herself. After people questioned by police, she not only said the pipe was her stepdaughter’s, but that it was the younger woman’s idea for her to stash it away in the first place. Richardson was the only one arrested though and now faces possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting an officer without violence charges.
Groom may face charges for hiring wedding guests:
The shallowest groom in China, identified as Mr. Wang, was reportedly ashamed of his friends because they weren’t rich enough. So naturally, he hired 200 people at $12 a pop to pose as his pals. Probably not surprisingly, this man’s bride is pretty superficial too. After chatting with some of these so-called friends, she figured out his scheme and now both she and her family are unhappy her supposed true love isn’t as rich as he claimed to be. Now, local police are investigating whether the groom can be charged with a crime over the stunt.
ICYMI: Someone tried to use a hearse to smuggle marijuana:
In case you missed it, someone made a somber attempt at smuggling drugs. Border patrol in Arizona discovered 67-pounds of marijuana stashed inside a hearse. All in all, the drugs were worth $33-thousand. No word on how pricey the casket was.

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