Offbeat News for 04-25-17

Man Convicted Of Manslaughter Over Wasp Sting
If you’re ever in Switzerland, don’t try to remove a wasps’ nest by yourself. Seriously. As it turns out, a man who was trying to help a friend out by removing a nest has now been convicted of manslaughter!
The unnamed man was in the process of getting rid of the nest when he agitated the wasps. The insects then stung a neighboring couple. The woman suffered stings on her head and arm and recovered, but her husband had an allergic reaction and eventually died from his injuries.
The court claims the helpful friend should have taken precautions considering it’s widely known how dangerous a wasp’s sting could be. The defendant argued he didn’t expect anyone to be outside because it was cold out at the time plus there were no legal requirements to be fulfilled before the removal of a wasps’ nest. Ultimately, the court ruled the man was actin recklessly and the death could have been prevented.
Ready for the REALLY weird part? Sure, a conviction for manslaughter sounds bad – and it is – but our convict was sentenced to just 90-days behind bars…and can pay his way out of the jail time if he coughs up $9-thousand.
White-Collar Boxing Clubs Are Now A Thing
Fight clubs are going white-collar. Boxing groups geared toward office workers are springing up on both sides of the Atlantic and offer to give business professionals a chance and giving, and taking, a punch.
The idea is to train men and women with office jobs in the ways of professional boxing. After a certain amount of training, new boxers will head to the ring to fight someone in the same program. No previous experience is necessary.
According to Brit Ben Bloom who went through the training, getting in the ring, and winning, was incredible. As he puts it, “the pathetic pencil-case watchman had become a boxing champion – and it felt incredible.”
Police Stop Tween Driver During A Cross Country Trip
Police in Broken Hill, Australia pulled over a car because it’s bumper was dragging on the road what they found was a gutsy tween with a love of driving.
The man, or boy, behind the wheel was just 12 and he had already made it 800-miles from his home. The unnamed minor was planning on driving cross country to Perth, which is more that 25-hundred miles from his hometown of Kendall.
While cops haven’t announced why the ambitious kid decided to go all the way to Perth, they will say of how he managed to stay on the road without rousing suspicious. At just 12, he’s already six-feet-tall. It’s unclear if he’ll face any charges.
Maple syrup burglar gets prison time:
Avik Caron’s sticky situation has landed him five years behind bars. The Canadian man organized a maple syrup theft ring back in 2011 that lasted a year and resulted in the illegal sale of over six-million pounds of syrup. That’s right, six-million. All in all, Caron and his band of thieves made more than $13-million. Now, a judge has sentenced him to a five-year prison sentence along with a $740-thousand fine for the syrup heist and an additional year in prison and a $493,000 fine for an unrelated fraud against an insurance company.
Man arrested for trying to “save” his beer from a fire:
Michael Casteel really loves his beer. The 56-year-old was arrested outside of his Sioux Falls, South Dakota apartment building because he tried to reenter to save his suds….while the building was on fire. Casteel was able to get back inside and grab two beers. When he somehow made it out safely, he was arrested and charged with obstructing a firefighter. As a police spokesperson put it, Casteel showed “poor judgment.”
Drunk woman tries to smooch the officer who pulled her over:
Saryna Parker is the type of woman who goes for what she wants. Unfortunately, what the Miami, Florida woman wants is to drive drunk then try and make out with the cop who pulled her over.  Oh, and she was a teacher who had her 10-year-old son in the car when she told the officer “If you don’t stop looking at me like that, I’m going to kiss you.” Not surprisingly, the cop didn’t take her up on her offer. Instead, Parker is now facing DUI charges along with battery on a police officer.

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