Offbeat News for 04-24-17

Man Bowls A Perfect Game In Less Than Two Minutes
Bowling a perfect game is not easy. For Ben Ketola, he decided to also throw in some speed. The 23-year-old got 12 strikes in 86.9-seconds.
“It was fun to do. I honestly wasn’t expecting to do it,” Ketola, who normally averages a 225 when he bowls, explains. “I just wanted to see how quickly I could get across the house and get strikes.”
The official United States Bowling Congress doesn’t have an official speed record, but Ketola wanted to try and beat Tom Dougherty, who posted a video of himself getting a perfect game in a little over 110-seconds.
An Oregon Town Is Up For Sale
Looking to move but don’t want a regular old house? How about the whole town? For $3.5-million you can have just about all of Tiller, Oregon.
Once a bustling town, Tiller, which sits 230-miles south of Portland, was all but abandoned after environmental regulations prevented logging on federal forest lands. Now you can have six houses, the general store and gas station, the land under the post office, a working power station, and more. Tiller Elementary School, which closed in 2014, is for sale separately for $350,000.
Believe it or not, potential buyers have come forward but offers are still being accepted. As for the remaining residents, they’re understandably nervous about the future of the town they call home. For what it’s worth, the broker for the deal claims the people who have an offer in “want to address this project with the community in mind.”
Police Called Over Free Domino’s Giveaway
Domino’s underestimated the people of Whitehaven, England. The town was dubbed the fattest city in the entire country…so naturally the pizza chain offered a promotional deal that offered the first 100 people in line free pies. Unfortunately, police had to be called.
Apparently hungry pizza lovers in the front of the line were pushing and shoving, so officers stood guard nearby.
Meanwhile, Mayor Raymond Gill is not happy with Domino’s for even opening the store in the first place. In a town where 76% of the population was found to be obese, he says they don’t need any more fast food options.
Marijuana gets mailed to the wrong house:
What’s more ridiculous than marijuana being mailed? How about being mailed to the wrong house…where a pastor happens to live. Someone sent 10-pounds of weed from Sacramento, California to Yeadon, Pennsylvania and the recipient is not happy. According to local police chief Donald Molineux, “She is very upset and traumatized and she feels this person or persons who were going to pick this package up might come back.”
Dentist rode a hoverboard while operating:
Not only is Seth Lookhart reportedly a crook, he’s also playing fast and loose with the safety of his patients. The dentist recorded a video of himself riding a hoverboard while extracting a tooth from a woman. She, not surprisingly, had no idea what was happening while she was sedated. He then alleged sent the video to his office manager and joked that it was a “new standard of care.” Oh, this comes after Lookhart was charged with 17 counts of Medicaid fraud after prosecutors say he billed Medicaid $1.8 million last year for IV sedation used in procedures that didn’t call for it.
Man tries to eat all of his marijuana before traffic stop:
Police spotted Cyrus Antoine driving erratically and without a license plate on his car. Antoine ignored the cop’s sirens and continued driving across multiple lanes. When Antoine did pull over, he was arrested without incident. Authorities did find out what took him so long to comply: he was trying to eat all the marijuana he had on him before pulling over…and his breath gave him away. All in all, Antoine is facing seven charges, including drug and traffic related offenses.

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