Offbeat News For 04-17-17

Police Use Carrots To Capture Loose Horse
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. What do you do when a horse gets loose and enjoys a nice gallop around Philadelphia? Get out the carrots.
Authorities used some veggies to attract the horse, calm it down, and get it inside a trailer. It’e believed the animal escaped from the city’s Fairmount Park stables, but officials haven’t commented.
Pranksters Getting Sued Over Morning Show Appearances
Gray Television Group Inc does not appreciate a prank. In case you missed it, the parent company of two Wisconsin morning shows is suing Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett for appearing on the shows as “imagined characters.”
The duo, who are the creators of the Found Footage Festival, appeared on “Hello Wisconsin” as “Strongman duo Chop & Steele,” where they smashed rackets on the floor and hit a tire with a bat. According to Gray’s suit, Prueher and Pickett performed “ridiculous bits” to promote their own brand.
What’s more, Prueher appeared on another show as “Chef Keith Guerke,” who was promoting “Leftovers Right: Making a Winner of Last Night’s Dinner,” a cookbook that doesn’t exist. One of the recipes? Mashed-potato ice-cream cones.
Gray Television Group is accusing the pair of fraud and conspiracy to commit wrongful activity. What’s more, the footage of the duo’s pranks have been shown as part of their festival, which breaks copyright law. .
Man Takes His Tiger Out For A Walk
Shoppers at a mall in Russia were in for the surprise of a lifetime when they spotted a man walking a tiger on a leash. Video of the incident has surfaced and luckily, the videographer got some details.
Apparently, the tiger is named Katya and the man walking the animal is a trainer from the circus. Still, no explanation as to why exactly the trainer had to walk the animal through a crowded shopping center, but apparently the stunt got a lot of attention.
“I was not the only one who was surprised,” the person who posted the video explains. “There were so many people around with cameras on mobile phones, children and adults watched with interest.”
Fake cop pulls over real cop:
Pacheco Bustamante wanted to play police officer. Unfortunately, he’s a 46-year-old man who was packing a BB gun when he pulled over a driver in Miami. Even worse for Bustamante, the nondescript car he targeted belonged to a real police detective. After figuring out Bustamente wasn’t an actual cop, the actual detective arrested him. Bustamante eventually admitted to police this wasn’t his first time playing cop and he was ultimately charged with impersonating an officer, which is a felony in Florida.
Woman finds intruder in her home…enjoying her food:
A woman in Gainesville, Florida came home from work to find an intruder with a real appetite. Ronald Gregory Wesly was in her home, frying chicken and enjoying some of her vodka. It turns out the 34-year-old has a criminal history, including two prior theft convictions, but it appears this is the first time he decided to enjoy a meal on the job. Wesly’s now facing a new burglary charge.
ICYMI: Cow costumes stolen:
Someone must really love Chick-fil-A…or at least their marketing campaigns. In case you missed it, authorities in Folsom, California are looking for whoever stole three cow mascot costumes from a local Chick-fil-A storage shed. James Daack, the store’s hospitality director, is hoping it’s a prank and the thieves return the costumes without a problem. The incident has gotten plenty of media attention so Police Sergeant Andrew Bates figures the crooks will turn themselves in…or at least return the cow costumes because “It’s not like somebody can dress up for Halloween in that.”

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