Offbeat News for 03-30-17

Police Foil Plot To Steal Ferrari Creator’s Dead Body
As a police officer, it’s not every day you stumble upon a plot to steal a body, let alone a plot to steal the body of Enzo Ferrari, the creator of the iconic car. That’s exactly what happened to authorities in Sardinia, Italy who were investigating a group of 30 or so criminals involved in drug and arms trafficking on the Italian island.
In hopes of making more money, the group detailed how to steal Enzo’s coffin, hide it, and contact the family. All the crooks involved in the plot have been arrested.
Massive Turkey Crashes Into Car Windshield
John Tarabocchia was minding his own business driving down a road in Indiana when all of a sudden a wild turkey flew right into his windshield.
The New Jersey man and his family were visiting his daughter who was at a program at Notre Dame when the crash happened. Apparently, it’s turkey mating season, which is why there are more of the birds out and about. Still, police captain Michael Kellems says it’s not every day you see a car accident like this. While there were no major human injuries, the bird died on impact.
Now here’s where the story might get really strange for some of you. A passing driver stopped and asked to take the dead bird home. It’s legal to request roadkill if you have a permit and “see value in either the animal’s meat or fur.”
Burger King Creates Whopper-Flavored Toothpaste
Burger King is getting in the April Fools Day spirit early. The company has created a Whopper-flavored toothpaste, complete with a realistic looking commercial.
The “new” product is reportedly “the first toothpaste with active Whopper extracts” and will help you keep the burger taste in your mouth long after you rinse.
According to Burger King, the toothpaste will be available soon in restaurants and drug stores. We’ll believe it when we see it.
Driver runs out of gas again after stealing cop car:
Troy James ran out of gas and called for help. Normal enough, right? Well when police arrived, they noticed the Tulare, South Dakota man was acting strangely and when they tried to detain him, he jumped into the cop car and drove off. Fittingly, the chase only ended when James yet again ran out of gas. He’s now facing grand theft charges. Source: Associated Press
Man blames his arrest on Wikipedia:
Justin Miret was arrested for driving with a suspended license and according to him, it’s all Wikipedia’s fault. While in the back of the cop car, the 22-year-old allegedly said “that’s the last time I listen to Wikipedia about driving. It said I would just get a ticket.” He’ll have until his April 11th court date to come up with a better excuse.

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