Offbeat News for 03-29-17

Man Collects Torture Devices
You’re probably going to want skip any and all dinner parties at Steve Santini’s house. The Ontario, Canada man collects antique torture devices…and displays them around his house.
What’s more, some of his 220 items, including a guillotine, are being used as furniture. He’s hoping his entire collection, which include whips, thumbscrews and finger presses, will land him a spot in ┬áthe Guinness World Record for most antique torture instruments owned by one person.
Sure, but it’s not likely to get him any dates.
Someone Stole A Massive $1-Million Gold Coin
You’d think a 220-pound coin wouldn’t be a criminal’s first choice of a target, but it turns out the “Big Maple Leaf” coin that was stolen from the Bode museum in Berlin, Germany is worth a very pretty penny.
According to local authorities, the coin is worth $1-million in Canadian dollars, or $700-thousand in the US, but could bring in almost $4.5-million at market prices. Considering its weight, it’s believed more than one crook was involved.
There haven’t been many details reported, but detectives specializing in art theft are reportedly investigating. We’re just wondering how you sneak that out under a coat…
Drunk Woman Can’t Find Her Kid, Tells Police She Was Kidnapped
It’s only March and we already have a serious candidate for worst mother of the year. Not only did Maria Irias lie about her six-year-old being kidnapped, but she did it to cover up the fact that she was too drunk to remember where the kid was.
Irias eventually told police in Greenacres, Florida she had been drinking all day and had no recollection of where her daughter was. Luckily, the child was found a short time later.
Irias is now facing neglect and filing a false report charges.
Woman damages the Pantheon:
The Pantheon has managed to survive thousands of years but leave to one stupid woman to do some permanent damage. Officials say that 39-year-old Cristina Conachi approached two 18th century wooden candelabras inside the historical site and, for some reason, threw them to the ground. Authorities say they don’t have a motive, but either way the Romanian woman is facing a charge of aggravated damage to objects of cultural significance. And let’s just be happy she wasn’t an American.
Couple tries to sell their baby on Craigslist:
It’s a very demented idea to sell your baby, but it’s a very dumb idea to try and sell it on Craigslist. Deanna Lynn Greer and John David Cain are facing aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment charges after they placed an ad looking for someone to buy their five-month-old and some reported them. Police then set up a fake meet up in Elizabethton, Tennessee and arrested 37-year-old Greer and 26-year-old Cain after money was exchanged.

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