Offbeat News for 03-21-17

Barber Uses Fire To Cut People’s Hair
Ramadan Adwan is one creative barber. His shop is in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and in order to combat the frequent power outages, Adwan uses fire instead of a dryer.
After the initial wash and cut, Adwan applies “special” lotion and powder to client’s heads to protect their skin, then brings out what looks like a small blowtorch to dry and trim the hair.
Adwan’s signaure style is starting to spread across the region, but he warns it takes a certain skill level that not all his imitators have.
Kid Gets Dropped Off At School In A Helicopter
Every parent can relate to running late in the morning, but dropping your kid off to school in a helicopter? That could be called a bit excessive.
A passerby recorded video of what appears to be a boy getting dropped off on in the elite Lipky district of Kiev, Ukraine. It’s believed the child is the son of Andrey Palchevskii, a former Deputy Minister of Sports for Ukraine.
The clip has gone viral and sparked a debate over whether this is just the lifestyles of the rich and famous or a definite way to spoil your kids.
Teenager Regrets Nothing After Fighting A Croc To Impress A Girl
Lee De Paauw was willing to do anything to impress a particular girl…include wrestle an crocodile. In case you missed it, the Australian 18-year-old jumped into Johnstone River and ended up with serious arm injuries after the croc latched on.
Eventually, De Paauw freed himself and even after the adrenaline wore off, he says it was all worth it to make a good impression on British backpacker Sophie Paterson. When asked if he knew most Australians think he’s the stupidest person in the country, he said he did, but didn’t care. In fact, his general philosophy on the situation is “haters gonna hate.”
What’s more, the stunt worked. Paterson agreed to go on a date with De Paauw.
Woman attacks her mom with a cheeseburger:
When a 39-year-old got into a fight with her 60-year-old mother in an Indianapolis McDonald’s, she grabbed the nearest weapon she could: a cheeseburger. According to police, the mother told her kid she could no longer stay at her house and was driving her to some else’s place when the daughter changed her mind. An argument broke out in the car and the mom pulled in to a Micky D’s drive-thru. After getting her food, the unnamed daughter took a bite out of her burger before chucking it at her mom. Officers saw the victim had ketchup and mustard down the front of her shirt and pickles, ketchup and mustard were splattered across the interior door of the car. The daughter got in another car and fled. Source: Indy Star
Man jumps from garbage truck, rolls down the street, gets hit by same truck:
We don’t know why Thomas Jones decided to jump off the top of a garbage truck in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, but we do know it did not end well. After the 40-year-old took the leap, he fell in a snow bank and slid down onto the road…where he was then run over by the same truck. Jones is in ┬áthe local hospital while police are still investigating.

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