Offbeat News for 03-07-17

Surgeons Remove 915 Coins From Sea Turtle’s Stomach
Next time you toss a coin in a fountain, make sure there aren’t any turtles in there. Vets in Thailand discovered Bank the sea turtle had an 11-pound ball of coins in her stomach.
It took five surgeons four hours to remove all 915 coins and now Bank is recovering. Nantarika Chansue, the head surgeon, says tourists are to blame for Bank’s misery because many Thais believe that throwing coins on turtles will bring longevity.
Us humans did pay for our mistakes, literally. After local news outlets started talking about Bank’s dilemma, citizens raised $428 for her surgery.
Three Generations Share The Same Birthday
Dana Turnball was early for her entrance into the world and now she’s set an incredible precedent. The baby shares a birthday with her mom, Joy Spowart, and her grandma, Judie Spowart, defying 130-thousand-to-one odds.
New mom Joy isn’t exactly thrilled with the crazy coincidence. As she explains, she wanted her daughter to “have her own special day.” “There were just so many coincidences with this,” Joy adds. “People have said you must have planned this, but that is simply not true.”
Now that there will be plenty of triple birthday parties, Joy wishes she would have planned ahead and bet on it. She adds, “Everyone who we have told about the dates has said to us ‘don’t you wish you had gone to the bookies’, and we really do.”
Smelly Bathroom Prompts Unscheduled Plane Landing
Someone’s bathroom trip caused a headache for 188 people. A plane traveling between two cities in India had to make an unscheduled landing because of an “extremely pungent” smell.
The Spicejet plane was grounded after a smell that originated in the bathroom made its way up to the cockpit. The plane had to be ventilated before making its way to Delhi, its final destination, an hour late.
Man found innocent ends up in jail because he skipped his trial:
Allen Cochran was so close to walking free. The 49-year-old was found not guilty of trying to steal $33 in sharp cheddar from a Virginia grocery store but still ended up behind bars. Why? He didn’t show up to hear the good news. That, mixed with the fact that he had skipped another hearing, left a bad taste in the jurors’ mouths. So, they gave him five years in jail. But wait, there’s more! Since police can’t find him, he’s now a fugitive. An innocent fugitive.
Trio of teenagers caught trying to climb a crane in NYC:
When you’re growing up in New York, you’ve got to go to some stupid extremes to get a thrill. A trio of boys is now police in custody after they climbed a 15-story crane to take pictures over the weekend. When they got back down, somehow safely, authorities were waiting. All three boys, ages 16, 15, and 14, are facing trespassing charges.
ICYMI: Man stashes weed in his cane:
TSA officials at McGhee Tyson Airport in Tennessee were going about their day when they found a cane that was doing more than helping its owner walk. After as search, it was discovered the cane was also hiding marijuana. Officials handed the weed over to local police, but it’s unclear what happened to its owner.

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