Offbeat News for 03-06-17

Man Who Can’t Swim Saves Drowning Boy
A woman was enjoying time at a New Jersey hotel pool with her four children, despite none of them being able to swim. At one point her nine-year-old slipped under the water. Fortunately, Randolph Tajada-Perez was checking in to the hotel and saw the commotion.
The 37-year-old dove into the pool, despite not being able to swim himself. After a few attempts, he was able to reach the nine-year-old and bring him to the surface. The kid is in stable condition and Tajada-Perez is being hailed as a hero.
Jimmy Buffett-Inspired Retirement Home Set For Florida
Soon, you’ll be able to literally “waste away in Margaritaville.” That’s because Jimmy Buffett has teamed up with Minto Communities to create a massive senior living facility.
Latitude Margaritaville will include 7,000 homes, fitness facilities, lap pools, spas, live entertainment, personal beachfront access and, of course, plenty of booze. The Daytona Beach, Florida project, which is hoping to welcome guests beginning next year, will cost $1-billion to build.
The two or three-bedroom homes, which feature a den and garages in the golf cart-friendly community, will start in “the very low $200,000s to $350,000.” “It was very important to us to make this as obtainable as possible,” Bill Bullock, senior vice president of Minto Communities, explains. “We have over 10,000 registrations in two weeks. It’s just been amazing.”
Woman Is Trying To Sell Her Used Implants
In the market for medical waste? A woman in England has something you might be interested in. eBay user Katt_12345 is selling her breast implants. Her used breast implants.
Kat claims her added cleavage is in “excellent condition” and she’s only getting rid of them because she’s getting a “different size.”
Experts say no good surgeon would reuse implants, but if you’re looking for some unusual paperweights, Katt is asking for $245 for the pair.
City employee accused of created bedroom at work:
Most people can’t wait to leave work at get home. For one city employee in Cranston, Rhode Island, he decided to make work his home. The unidentified man had sold his house and then created an entire bedroom in his office building, with everything from a bed to a nightstand, a coffee maker to slippers. “We were made aware of an incident that I believe existed for a very short period of time and it’s not happening anymore,” a spokesperson says. “A city employee has been disciplined and has been told it’s unacceptable to be sleeping in the highway garage.”
Man forgets prison phone calls are recorded:
Royce Atkins is stupid and cruel. the The 23-year-old from Pennsylvania is facing charges after a hit and run left nine-year-old Darious Condash dead. While he apologized in court after receiving a four to 10-year prison sentence, Atkins’ called his dad and girlfriend from behind bars and accused the judge of blowing the case out of proportion, even calling him a scumbag.” “That family, they are reacting like they’re the victims,” Atkins is on record saying. “What about my family? My family is the victims too.” Apparently, you can’t get any years added to your sentence for being shockingly dumb.

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