Offbeat News for 03-02-17

Man Is Selling “Mountain Air” For $250 A Jar
Not sure what to get that person “who has everything?” How about some fresh mountain air? Like, actual AIR? Briton John Green has launched a company selling jars of air he gets from up in the Swiss Alps…for $246 a pop.
Well, three-liters of air will cost you $246 a pop. For $166, you can get a liter while a pint will set you back $96. Regardless of size, each container comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and the GPS coordinates of exactly where it was collected.
The idea might seem crazy, but at least it’s doing some good. Green says 25% of the proceeds are going to the World Vision Clean Water campaign.
Pizza Hut Creates Sneakers That Order Pizza For You
If boots were made for walking, these sneakers are made for pizza delivery. Pizza Hut has created a  pair shoes that will order pizza for you.
The sneakers have a button on the tongue of the right shoe that is connected to the wearer’s Pizza Hut app. The first time you press the button, you’ll have to put in your delivery and payment info in the app, along with your preferred pizza. If there’s no preferred pizza, you’re getting a Large Supreme Pizza.
Only 64 pairs of the sneaks have been made and so far, the same number of teams in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Most of the pairs are being handed out as promotional items, but a Pizza Hut spokesperson says some will be available to the public later this month.
Man arrested for continuing to steal neighbor’s underwear:
Bad neighbors are one thing. Creepy neighbors are quite another. A woman in Jacksonville, Florida says her neighbor, 56-year-old Nicolas Rojas, stole her underwear from inside her garage multiple times. After the third time, she confronted him while in the act. Rojas then asked her if she had any lemons. She said no and he left. She followed him, asking why he took her underwear. He admitted he did, but didn’t give them back. Instead, he later came over an apologized. The unidentified victim told her husband what happened and he called police.  He is now facing a burglary charge.
Someone pretended to be in Nickelback to get free microphones:
If you’re going to impersonate a rockstar, why not aim a bit higher than the drummer of Nickelback? Lee Koenig attempted to get $25-thousand worth of of high-end microphones from a Vienna, Austria firm. He was emailing with the company as Daniel Adair, the actual drummer of the band. The order was eventually flagged by a Nickelback representative as “out of the ordinary,” and when Adair was contacted, he said he placed no such order. The Nickelback drummer took the investigation into his own hands and discovered aside from posing as him, 45-year-old Koenig was having his girlfriend claim to be Nickelback’s publicist. Police arrested Koenig, who owned up the scheme, and charged him with two felony fraud counts. What’s more, when asked if he had pulled a similar plan using other bands, Koenig asked to have a lawyer present.
Man tries to enter court with a bag of roaches:
When having your day in court, it’s best to leave your roaches at home. Security guards at a Linz, Austria courthouse had to turn away a man who tried to walk in with a sack full of bugs. It’s unclear if the man had a sinister plan for the roaches or was simply bringing his pets along for the day.

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