Off Beat News for 2-28-17

Escaped Lion Claim Turns Out To Be A False Alarm
Being a police officer means you expect a bit of danger on the job. For cops in Vienna they had an added dose of terror when they were tasked with finding an escaped lion. Well, thanks to a call from a resident, they thought there was a lion on the loose.
An unnamed jogger at Schönbrunn Palace told authorities he saw the animal, figuring it had escaped from the local zoo. The palace and its grounds were shut down and 16 officers went to find the lion. After a check with the zoo, though, it was discovered all animals were accounted for.
At this point, it’s unclear if the jogger was a prankster or if he genuinely thought he spotted a lion.
Very Senior Citizen Gets To Live Her Dream Of Being Arrested
In case you missed it, a 99-year-old woman only identified as Annie got to cross an item off her bucket list: getting arrested.
According to local police, she wanted to experience “a police cell from within.” Officers shared photos of the “arrest” on their Facebook and Annie looked like she was having a great time, even while being handcuffed.
No word on what else this awesome old lady had on her bucket list.
Baby Already Has Hours Long Daily Beauty Regiment
When Amelia came into the world, she left more than her parents mystified. The British baby was born with a full head of hair. According to her mom Kayleigh March, the hair is continuing to grow “upwards and outwards” so now the newborn is on a strict beauty regiment to keep her mane under control.
Each day, Amelia’s mom oils, washes, brushes, and dries the baby’s hair, which takes around two and a half hours all in all because the oil sits in Amelia’s hair for two hours. The best part? The baby doesn’t mind the attention. “She absolutely loves being pampered,” Kayleigh explains. “Her little face when she’s having her hair washed and blow dried is so cute.”
While it’s cute now, the mom of two knows this level of attention could be a problem in the future. “I dread to think what she’ll be like when she’s older,” Kayleigh says. “She’s only ten weeks old and she’s already got a strict daily hair regime. She’s going to be so high maintenance.”
Customer deposits cocaine inside ATM:
Sure, you want to keep your drugs safe, but for the record, you cannot deposit cocaine in an ATM. Investigators in Florida are looking for the person who deposited their cash along with a bag of the white stuff. The powder caused the machine to jam, which then prompted an investigation. At the is point its unclear if they have any suspects.

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