Offbeat News for 02-24-17

Man Sends Girlfriend $1,400 Bouquet
Who needs flowers when you can get money instead? One creative and rich man in China sent a bouquet out of money for his girlfriend. In case you missed it, he had a florist take individual bank notes and roll them up to look like flowers.
The gesture has gone viral and the results are mixed. While some it’s “humiliating” and not romantic at all, others point out unlike flowers, money won’t die in a week.
Woman Leaves Behind Sassy Obituary
There will be tears at Jean Oddi’s funeral, but a good portion of them will be of laughter. The 91-year-old from Ohio passed away and in her honor, her daughter and granddaughter wrote quite an obituary.
Jean’s daughter, Casey Oddi Clark, says her mom was a blunt woman who lived unapologetically and when it came time to pen her obit, she and her daughter Melissa kept that in mind.
“I was born. I lived. I died. I hate to admit it, but evidently I died. I guess, after all these years, God finally figured out where to put me,” part of the announcement reads. “I’m leaving behind a lot of stuff Casey and Melissa will have to get rid of. So, if you’re looking for random crap, you should wait the appropriate amount of time and get in touch with them.”
There are plenty of curses and one liners scattered around the obituary. What’s more, there’s going to be an after party following a memorial service that according to Casey will have “White Castles, pizza, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and booze.”
Man accidentally shoots himself in the leg after new gun purchase:
A 29-year-old man in Sandy, Utah didn’t break the law, but he sure became an example of “the stupid.” He had just bought a gun, loaded it and went to put it in his holster. That’s when the gun discharged and shot the unidentified man in the leg. He’s now recovering.
People use abandoned nuclear bunker to grow weed:
Just because it’s underground doesn’t mean it’s invisible. A group of six opportunistic guys were arrested after they transformed an abandoned nuclear bunker in England into a grow house for their marijuana. There are 20 rooms in the building and almost every one had been converted for the massive weed operation. All in all, several thousand cannabis plants were seized. The first group of three men were arrested on suspicion of cannabis production while the second group of three are facing suspicion of cannabis production and human trafficking offenses.

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