Offbeat News For 02-21-17

Very Old Cookie Has Become A Family Heirloom
Forget jewelry, Penny Rickhoff’s family heirloom is edible. The Scottsdale, Arizona woman still has the cookie her mother’s first love gave her 85-years-ago.
“People back then didn’t have a lot of money,” Rickhoff explains. “So you bake a cookie, what else can you do?” The dessert is heart shaped and spells out “Bus” in icing, which was her mom’s boo’s name.
Rickhoff says her mom wanted to keep the cookie as a keepsake instead of eating it, and she passed along the original Valentine’s Day card that came along with it too.
Woman Marries Herself
Lynne Gollogly is done looking for love. Instead, the 39-year-old is getting married to herself…sort of. The English woman is throwing herself a wedding themed 40th birthday party, complete with a gown and bouquet.
“It’s always something I’ve wanted to do, and because ‘Mr. Right’ hasn’t turned up yet – I’m just going to go a head and get married without him,“ Lynne, who was engaged before, explains. “My family and friends know full well that I’m bonkers though, so this hasn’t come as a shock to them.”
According the invite, guests are asked to wear their wedding best, even if that means their own wedding dress. As she puts it, “I expect more than one bride at this wedding.” The only gift she wants? Hugs and plenty of dancing.
Condition Leaves Woman Constantly Smelling Like Fish
Most of the time, Kelly Fidoe-White smells and she knows it. The 36-year-old suffers from fish-odor syndrome, or TMAU, a condition that causes her to give off the aroma of fish, onions, and other less-than-pleasant scents.
Kelly explains her body can’t breakdown the compound choline, so instead, it comes out in her sweat, breath and urine – and has since she was a kid. “I was spending a stupid amount of time in the shower before my diagnosis,” Kelly remembers. “Using red hot water, scrubbing until my skin was bright red and it was just too stressful.” It’s believed that somewhere between 300 and 600 people around the world suffer from the condition.
Regardless of her smell issues, Kelly was able to find love over 15 years ago with her hubby, Michael. “Kelly wasn’t that confident when we first met,” Michael adds. “And I think the best way of me helping her with the condition is to just be supportive.” Now that’s a good husband!
Thief falls out of a tree while trying to escape police:
If you’re going to try and flee from police, make sure you know your limits. Lake City, Tennessee man Jacob Chosie led cops on a four-hour chase in which several citizens reported an unnamed man tried to gain access to multiple homes. Eventually, 34-year-old Chosie climbed a tree as a way to avoid cops. Officers climbed nearby trees and tried to talk him down, but to no avail. Eventually cops went to physically apprehend Chosie, who then fell to the base of the tree, sustaining multiple fractures. He’s now facing burglary, trespassing, car theft and resisting arrest charges.
Woman gets a ticket for driving while wearing a ferret:
Nowadays, when you think “distracted driver,” you probably imagine someone on their phone. That was not the case for authorities in Edmonton, Canada. In case you missed it, during a 24-hour traffic enforcement event, police found 2,442 violations including a motorist wearing a live ferret around their neck. No word on if the other 90 distracted driving tickets given out were as strange.

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