School Board Special Election

OSKALOOSA — A special election will be held to fill a position on the Oskaloosa Community School District Board of Directors.
On Tuesday, Jan. 10, qualified voters may cast a vote for the vacancy in Director District No. 1, formerly held by Nicholas Hansen. Those eligible to vote in the special election are to vote at the Fellowship Bible Church Activity Building, located at A Ave. West and North I St..

The candidates vying for the position are Elaine Fontana and Amanda McGraw. Both are excellent potential board members, Oskaloosa Community
School District Superintendent Russ Reiter said.
“They both have children in the district and have a concern for their children’s education,” he said, “so I think they’re in for all the right reasons.”

According to a press release from Mahaska County Election Commissioner Susan L. Brown, the voting location is fully accessible to persons with physical disabilities and also has a voter assist ballot marking device which allows persons with sight disabilities to vote independently.

Additionally, there is an audio-only option to aid with voting. Voters may also have another person assist them to vote.

Curb-side voting is also available for voters unable to leave their car, according to the release.

Those opting for curbside voting should bring someone with them or contact the voting site or the County Auditor’s office at 641-673-7148 with
an expected time of arrival.

All of the accessibility options are also available at the Mahaska County Courthouse for absentee voting through 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 10. To be qualified to vote, every elector must be registered to vote as required by Chapter 48A, Code of Iowa 2016, according to the release.
Reiter stated that it is important to both be informed and to participate in the election.

“We hope people will go out and vote and be informed voters and know what they’re voting for and voting about,” he said. “We’re willing to sit down and work with whomever’s elected, and we hope it turns out well.

Participating in the election is about having input into the system, Reiter said.
“And making a difference in the community and the lives of the election that we work with,” he added. “Sometimes we as educators look at situations
and go ‘well that’s obvious,’ but we always try to answer a question, which is what is best for kids.”

People sometimes ask why certain decisions are made, Reiter said.

“Sometimes we have constraints from legislature or the state because of laws, rules, financials,” he said. “But we always try to make our decisions
on what’s best for the kids, best for education and overall health of the school district.”

Story provided by The Oskaloosa Herald

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