Offbeat News 01-06-17

Woman Gives Birth While Getting An Oil Change
An oil change is normally a routine process, but not for Amanda and Adam Sherman. The expectant couple went in to a car dealership in Dormont, Pennsylvania and left with a 7-pound, 12-ounce daughter.
According to 24-year-old Amanda, she went in to the bathroom and “minutes” later, she was holding little Heather Lynn.  The new mom remembers, “I hollered for help and some woman who happened to be a registered nurse came through the door.” And yes, that nurse was another customer.
Adam, who’s also 24, was on the phone with a 911 operator who talked him through the process of tying off the baby’s umbilical cord with his bootlace. An ambulance arrived and took the healthy mom and baby to the hospital. The new dad says, “Everyone [at the dealership] stepped up and helped.”
Town’s Only Snowplow Driver Quits, So The Town Picks Up Shovels
Shoveling your own sidewalk is a pain, imagine having to clear out your entire town? That’s what the residents of Parsonsfield, Maine had to do when their only snowplow driver quit after they got 25-inches of the white stuff.
“People got together in our town and went out, plowed, salted, sanded, pushed back the banks, and went back out after the ice storm to make sure everything was good,” says Select Board member Tiffany Brendt. “They just did it.”
The nearby town of Cornish also helped Parsonsfield, which has a population of 19-hundred. Now, the town is working on a long-term snowplow contract so they’re not left with this dilemma again.
Squirrel Causes Massive Power Outtage
A pesky squirrel has left more than 5-thousand people in the dark. Officials say the animal tripped a breaker at an electrical substation in Exeter, New Hampshire and started a small fire.
The fire led to a substantial power outrage across both Exeter and the nearby town of Kensington. Luckily, the fire only caused minor damage so power was able to be restored within about an hour.
ONE MORE THING! It turns out animals cause power outages pretty often. Snakes, raccoons, and geese have been known to trip breakers. Plus, there was a monkey in Kenya that caused the entire country to go dark back in June.
Man tells police he films up women’s skirts “every Sunday“:
Andres Jurado is a creature of habit, but his habit is creepy and criminal. The Miami Beach, Florida man was caught filming up a woman’s skirt after he bumped into the unidentified victim and grabbed her butt under her skirt. She noticed he was filming and got authorities involved. When questioned by police, 29-year-old Jurado told them “I do this every Sunday” and was subsequently hit with a misdemeanor video voyeurism charge. Being gross is apparently not a crime.
Man’s drug stash found after he called the cops on his neighbor:
Randy Linwood was having a problem with his neighbor so he called police. When officers arrived, they couldn’t find the 62-year-old, but he left the backdoor of his Longview, Texas house opened, so they walked in. The cops walked in and found 2.3-pounds of marijuana sealed in plastic bags and pickle jars throughout the house. No word on what problem Linwood was having with his neighbor, but either way, he now faces a possession charge.
Man tries to hide cocaine under his belly fat:
Florentino Herrera decided to use his fat for more sinister purposes. The 48-year-old was pulled over in Austin, Texas for running a stop sign and crossing a solid white traffic line. After failing field sobriety tests and refusing to take a blood alcohol test, Herrera was arrested. It was then the squad car’s camera caught him trying to destroy cocaine hidden under his belly  fat. Herrera is now facing charges for evidence tampering and driving while intoxicated.


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