Offbeat News 01-05-17

Ever feel like you’re hitting a wall? Well one man in Germany literally did. Overnight, the unidentified man opened his front door to find someone had built a wall blocking his exit from the door of his Mainhausen home.
The strangest part? No one knows who is behind the strange construction or why they did it. Either way, the homeowner had to tear down the wall in order to get out of his house.
Man Buys Hundreds Of Newspapers To Try And Hide His DWI Arrest
Joseph Talbot really, really didn’t want people to know he got a DWI. The 43-year-old was arrested in Wayne County, New York and charged with a drunk driving. When he was taken to the station he initially refused to be fingerprinted or have his mugshot taken, and called the trooper a name we can’t repeat, or was “ruining” his family. Talbot was then also charged with obstruction and his picture was taken anyway.
Ron Holdraker, the owner and operator of local paper Times of Wayne County got ahold of the story, and Holdraker’s mugshot, and published both. He says Talbot went to a newsstand and bought almost a thousand copies of the paper at $1.25 a pop.
Man Takes Tiger For A Walk Around His Neighborhood
Police in Tijuana, Mexico probably get their fair share of crazy 911 calls, but even they must’ve been taken off guard after when someone called to report a man walking a tiger on a leash.
Authorities discovered the unidentified man had recently bought the four-month-old tiger, which had been living in a private home along with children. The animal was in good health, with his claws removed, but it was still confiscated by police and put in a local zoo temporarily because the owner hadn’t followed proper protocol.
ONE MORE THING! Believe it or not, having a pet tiger isn’t exactly unusual. In the US there are somewhere around 5-thousand of them, which is even more tigers than are in the wild. And get this: having a pet tiger is considered legal or is unregulated in eight states: North Carolina, Alabama, Delaware, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
Brothers, who happen to be wrestlers, get into police station brawl:
Safe to say it’s best to release your aggression somewhere besides a police station. As this story goes, an unidentified pair of brothers from Mexico were in Austria celebrating the championship victory of local wrestler, Chris Raaber. A fight broke out between the two and Raaber brought them to the station and told officers to let their fight run its course. Instead, the brothers got into a full-on brawl after one was able to slip out of his cable tie cuffs. All in all, it took 12 officers to break up the fight. The siblings have since reconciled and apologized for their behavior. No word on whether they’ll face any charges. Source: The Local
Sore loser keeps making threats over scratch-off card:
Towanda Shields is very, very upset she didn’t win money from a scratch-off card. The 47-year-old has since made dozens of calls over the past eight months threatening Pennsylvania Lottery headquarters and the people that work there. Oh, she also would get “really sexually explicit with her insults,” according to detective Robert Appleby. Shields even used fake burner cell phones in an attempt to have the calls be untraceable. No such luck, though. Shields is now facing 53 counts, including 25 counts each of harassment and stalking, as well as three counts of making terroristic threats. Source: Associated Press
Prankster cause a disturbance while wearing Donald Trump masks:
Shoppers at the Henrico, Virginia Lowe’s home improvement store were in for quite a surprising afternoon when two pranksters wearing Donald Trump masks and boxing gloves. While duking it out, one of the young men dropped his keys, which he later came back for. When he returned, witness Michael Hillis reprimanded him for scaring the customers. The stupid kid said he and his pal were “simply trying to have some fun.” No charges have been filed yet, but under Virginia law, a person over the age of 16 can be charged with a felony for wearing a mask in certain circumstances. That includes in public places, or on private property when the owner of the property hasn’t given permission.

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