Area Students Named to Iowa All-State Band, Orchestra, and Chorus

By Sam Parsons

The Iowa High School Music Association (IHSMA) unveiled the names that made the cut for Iowa All-State Band, Orchestra, and Chorus. The students who made the cut will perform today through Saturday at the Iowa All-State Music Festival. Our listening area was well-represented, and the names of the students from our area can be found below.

All-State Band

Flute – Penelope Shriver (Pella)

Clarinet – Payton Lyons (Pella)

Clarinet – Erin Mathes (Pella)

Clarinet – Rachael Stratton (Pella)

Alto Saxophone – Eli Ebeling (Pella)

Baritone Saxophone – Tiernan Boggs (Grinnell)

Cornet – Grace VanderBeek (Pella)

Trombone – Jace Recker (Pella)

Tuba – Kyler Nunnikhoven (Pella)

Euphonium – Isaac Boulavong (Pella)

Euphonium – Timo Mobley-Benoist (Grinnell)

All-State Orchestra

Oboe – Anderson Keough (Oskaloosa)

Trumpet – Tyler Mifflin (Pella)

Trombone – Morgan Uitermarkt (Pella)

Percussion – Justin Durr (Grinnell)

Percussion – Isaac Alexander (Newton)

All-State Chorus

Bass – Andrew Katko (Oskaloosa)

Bass – Eli Burrows (Pella)

Bass – Treyton Turnbull (Pella)

Bass – Leo Harris (Ottumwa)

Bass – Roderick Rath (Ottumwa)

Bass – Mason Hatch (Knoxville)

Soprano – Grace Brown (Pella)

Soprano – Ellie Wogen (Pella)

Soprano – Reese Bradford (Ottumwa)

Soprano – Mya Lemonds (Ottumwa)

Soprano – Lydia Singleton (Montezuma)

Alto – Braelyn Ensor (Pella)

Alto – Olivia Hood (Pella)

Alto – Ashley Vanderheiven (Ottumwa)

Tenor – Jorden Held (Pella)

Tenor – Bodie Peters (Pella)

Tenor – Jacob Reitveld (Pella)

The full lists for Iowa All-State Band, Orchestra, and Chorus can be found here.

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