Oskaloosa Police Chief Ben Boeke Denies Involvement with Oath Keepers

Last Wednesday, a report by the Associated Press listed Oskaloosa Police Chief Benjamin Boeke as one of at least 373 members of law enforcement contained in leaked membership lists from the far-right organization called the Oath Keepers. When the No Coast Network contacted chief Boeke for comment, he was unavailable for a phone call, but did respond with the following statement:

“I do not agree with or support any extremist groups or individuals who take subversive action against our government. I have been a public servant for 25 years and believe that a Constitutional democratic government is a framework for a civil and free society. When the group in question was new, it was espoused as a group encouraging elected officials and first responders/military to remember the oaths that they were sworn to. I have been sworn to an oath three times in public service to support and comply with the Constitution and the laws and ordinances of my state. I never directly communicated with anyone in the group or attended meetings at any time and have no affiliation with this group.”

No further comment was received from Boeke at this time.

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