Pella Council Moves Forward With Airport Expansion

The Pella city council met last night and began by swearing in new officer Mitchell Monarchino to the Pella police department.

The council also heard a report from the city’s main electric utility company, Missouri River Energy Services, who reported that the city’s power supply is now about 58% carbon-free. About 37% of the city’s power supply comes from coal, the main contributor to the city’s carbon-based power, with most of the remaining such power coming from natural gas (4% of the city’s total supply). About 8% of the city’s power supply now comes from renewables, with the vast majority being wind-powered (7%).

And the city moved forward with its Pella Municipal Airport expansion project, this time awarding a contract for the Apron expansion.

The Pella city council will hold its next meeting on September 6.

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