Oskaloosa School Board meets

The Oskaloosa School Board voted Tuesday (9/14) to put a question on the ballot for this November’s election.  The question deals with extending an agreement that governs how the Oskaloosa School District will use sales tax revenue through the year 2050.  Oskaloosa Superintendent Paula Wright says voters won’t be deciding on adding an additional tax.

“This is no new levy, no increase in taxes.  It basically is a statement that declares what that revenue can be spent on.  It is the exact same statement that is in place currently.  It’s just up for renewal.”

Oskaloosa’s share of sales tax revenue can be used for things like building new school buildings or remodeling old ones, improving information technology and for cleanup in case of a disaster.

Also at Tuesday’s Oskaloosa School Board meeting, the Board heard public comments regarding a possible mask mandate.  The Board took no action and discussed the possibility of calling a special meeting on the subject.

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