Groundbreaking for new Mahaska County 911 system

Ground was broken Monday (4/26) on the first part of a new 911 communications system for Mahaska County.  A radio tower will be built at the County’s shop in New Sharon.  Mahaska County EMA 911 Administrator Jamey Robinson says this new tower will increase the ability of the County’s emergency responders to communicate with each other.

“Our coverage area is going to be immensely improved.  Our paging is going to be improved.  We’ll actually be able to communicate with each other and it’s going to be great.”

RACOM of Marshalltown is building the tower.  RACOM President and CEO Mike Miller says this won’t be the only tower the County builds for its 911 system.

“It’s the first of three towers inside the county that will help provide coverage.  It will be super reliable, terrific coverage everywhere where a sheriff’s deputy or police officer needs.”

Mahaska County Supervisor Steve Wanders explains why the upgrade is needed.

“When (the FCC) narrowed the band(width) a few years ago, (EMTs) just can’t communicate any more.  This is a state of the art communications system.  They ought to be able to communicate in any building in Mahaska County with their hand-held radios.”

Miller says it should take about a year to put up the tower in New Sharon.  Other towers will be built in Eddyville and Beacon.

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