Foreigner’s Jeff Pilson Says Songs Are More Famous Than The Band

During a recent interview with Audio Ink Radio, Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson told Anne Erickson that their songs and music are more famous than the band.

To a question about the secret to the band’s success, Pilson said, “It’s the songs, for sure. Foreigner was really never much of an image band, so I would say it’s definitely the music. You could talk to people on the street, and you may find a lot of people that don’t really know the name Foreigner, but you won’t find anybody that hasn’t heard of ‘Cold as Ice’ or ‘Hot Blooded’ and stuff like that.”

“So the songs and the music are more famous than the band, which is amazing, because it gives us the ability to do this long-term touring and bringing it out there,” he added. “It’s just an amazing collection of songs that Foreigner has. It’s amazing — it really is. So, yeah, it’s the music that’s connecting with people. And, sure, people have fallen in love with personalities and all that kind of stuff over the years, but I really think it’s the music. And I love that, because I love the music too.”

Pilson said although most people don’t know Foreigner by name, he and the band are perfectly fine with that.

Source: RTT Music News

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