Jimmy Page Reflects On Work As Session Musician

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recently spoke about the time before he co-founded the legendary band, when he served as session musician.

Speaking with GQ, Page recalled recording the theme song for the James Bond movie Goldfinger with John Barry’s orchestra.

“The full orchestra sounded absolutely amazing, but then Shirley Bassey arrived,” shared Page. “It took her just one take. And at the end of the tape, she collapsed on the floor … she just held this one note and she basically ran out of breath and collapsed. You know how dramatic she is usually, what with all the stuff she does with her hands, but this was even more dramatic.”

The recording was done at Abbey Road Studio One in August of 1964.

Page went on to add that working as a session musician was a “weird” and “tough” way to earn a living.

“If you were a young session musician and you mucked it up or made a mistake, so you’ve got to do another take … that means 15 minutes’ overtime for everybody in the studio,” Page explained.

He added, “You probably wouldn’t be asked back. But I didn’t think about the pressure at the time, I didn’t even consider it. I found it really exhilarating to do these sessions and bring something to the party.”

Source: RTT Music News

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