Des Moines police say teen shot to death in robbery attempt


RADIO IOWA – Two teenagers were shot — one to death — by a man who police say the boys were trying to rob in a residential neighborhood north of downtown Des Moines.

Police Sergeant Paul Parizek says they got a 911 call early Monday from the would-be hold-up victim. “The caller reported that he had been approached by two armed men who attempted to rob him and he, in self defense, shot them,” Parizek says. When officers arrived, they found the caller and both of the 16-year-olds, and both were seriously hurt.

“Investigators learned that the two suspects were both armed with handguns and had approached the victim and demanded that he empty his pockets,” Parizek says. “The victim, a concealed weapons permit holder, drew his firearm and shot both of the suspects. One of those suspects has since died.” The name of the shooter was not released.

Sgt. Paul Parizek.

Parizek says all of his concealed carry documentation was in order. He says detectives interviewed multiple witnesses and examined evidence at the scene. “At this time, after consulting with the Polk County Attorney’s office, there will be no charges filed against the robbery victim.”

The teen who died is identified as Liem Deng of Des Moines. The other teen was not named. This is the 18th homicide of the year in Des Moines.

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