Bridge View Center fundraising drive

The Bridge View Center in Ottumwa has begun a fundraising drive to make up for revenue lost when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“Our world came to a crashing halt on March 17 when the Governor shut down our building, so we could slow the spread of the virus.  And that was right in the middle of our busy season.  It was one day before possibly the biggest show of the year, which was Foreigner.  Foreigner was scheduled to be here on Wednesday, March 18.  And all that went away for almost three months.”

Bridge View Center Executive Director Scott Hallgren tells the No Coast Network losing the scheduled events over the last three months has cost the Center around $258,000.  You can donate by going online to and clicking the support tab, or by sending a check to Bridge View Center, Incorporated at 102 Church Street in Ottumwa 52501.

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