Scorpions’ Klaus Meine Denies CIA Wrote ‘Wind Of Change’

Scorpions singer Klaus Meine has denied that the CIA wrote the band’s 1991 hit “Wind of Change.”

The theory that “Wind Of Change” was actually written by the CIA as Cold War propaganda was raised in a new eight-part podcast series, also called “Wind Of Change,” which premiered on Spotify on May 11.

“It’s weird – in my wildest dreams I can’t think about how that song would connect with the CIA,” Meine said on the podcast after being told of the rumor. “I never heard this. I am very much surprised.
Someone wanted to take credit for the song?”

“It’s a good idea for a movie. That would be cool,” the singer added. “If the CIA had a song [like that] to send a singer and … put it out behind the Iron Curtain, that would make sense. It’s a little weird to think about it. But on the other side, it underlines the power of music, in a big way. All of a sudden, half of Russia is whistling ‘Wind of Change,’ and they don’t know why.”

The “Wind of Change” podcast is hosted by New Yorker journalist Patrick Radden Keefe and produced by Crooked Media and Pineapple Street Studios.

Source: RTT Music News

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