Coffee with a Cop

Oskaloosa residents got a chance to talk with police officers Wednesday (10/2) at the annual Coffee with a Cop event.  Oskaloosa Police Chief Ben Boeke talks about the value of the event.

“Most people don’t have any conversations with police officers.  They might get stopped once in a while for speeding or something like that.  But usually, they don’t call us, or if they do call, they talk to a dispatcher.  They don’t really have much contact with us.   Usually somebody has a question in their mind that applies to us that they just want an answer for and they don’t know how to ask it.  They don’t want to call 911.  They don’t want to call a non-emergency number and say ‘I just have a question.'”

Boeke says he mostly heard good things about his officers and the way they’re interacting with the public.

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