William Penn football practice

William Penn University’s football team put on the pads for the first time Wednesday (8/14) and hosted a scrimmage with Ellsworth Community College.  Statesmen Coach Todd Hafner talks about the scrimmage.

“I thought it was fantastic.  This was our first day in full pads and I thought that our kids played hard.  We still have some kids that we’re working on to get eligible and some things like that, so we had some kids that weren’t able to play today.  It looked like a scrimmage, this was more of a practice.  We had a whole bunch of individual time beforehand and we did some different drills with their team and our team.  Today in my opinion, couldn’t have gone any better.  I think we came out relatively healthy, maybe a sprained ankle or two.  But I thought our kids played hard and we’ll have an opportunity to correct some mistakes.”

The Statesmen kick off their 2019 football season Saturday. August 31 with a home game against Evangel at Statesmen Community Stadium.

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