Offbeat News 01-06-17

OFFBEAT NEWS Woman Gives Birth While Getting An Oil Change An oil change is normally a routine process, but not for Amanda and Adam Sherman. The expectant couple went in to a car dealership in…

Offbeat News 01-05-17

MAN WAKES UP TO FIND SOMEONE WALLED UP HIS FRONT DOOR Ever feel like you're hitting a wall? Well one man in Germany literally did. Overnight, the unidentified man opened his front door to find…

Off Beat News 01-04-17

A New York City firefighter found two streetcar tickest dating back to 2017 in the firehouse basement A New York City firefighter got a blast from the past when he found two streetcar tickets in…

Offbeat News For 1-3-17

Flight Attendants Lose Their Minds Because Of 'Toxic Fumes' Back in October, news broke that on a British Airways flight from San Francisco to London, things took a weird turn when "toxic fumes" effected nearly…

6-year-old Uses Sleeping Mom's Thumb To Break Into Phone To Buy Pokemon Toys

6-year-old Ashlynd Howell really believes in Pokemon's motto of "Gotta Catch Em' All!". The 6-year-old purchased $250 worth of Pokemon Toys after her mother was asleep. She grabbed her mom's thumb and used it to unlock…


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